Bruce D Strebinger
September 8, 2022

Understanding Real Estate Development: Myths and Reality

It’s beneficial to comprehend the fundamentals before making real estate investments. The procedure is the subject of many myths, and some people either undervalue or overvalue its complexity. Before making a choice, investors of all experience levels must be aware of the fundamentals. These myths may result in a misinterpretation of the procedure, which may […]

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Bruce D Strebinger
August 11, 2022

Is Real Estate Development a Good Business in 2022?

The commercial and multifamily real estate sectors are doing quite well in 2022, and the same is true for industrial properties. While the commercial real estate development varies from asset class to asset class, strip malls in dense residential areas are doing well. In-person services are a critical component to strong performance, and more shopping […]

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July 15, 2022

Purchasing Multi-Family Real Estate

Investing in multi-family real estate has numerous advantages. This type of property necessitates several renters and serves as a springboard to financial independence. However, multifamily real estate investing may be extremely competitive. Before investing in this type of property, there are a few things to consider. To begin, make sure you understand how the market […]

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Bruce D Strebinger on Real Estate Development for Luxury Single-Family
November 23, 2021

Bruce Strebinger on Real Estate Development for Luxury Single-Family Homes

Bruce Strebinger on the Luxury Housing Market and Single-Family Home Development Bruce D Strebinger¬†is an expert in the housing market after having bought and sold numerous properties across different industry sectors. He brings his unique experience to the topic of luxury home development and how today’s trends are likely to influence tomorrow’s demand. As the […]

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