Is Real Estate Development a Good Business in 2022?

Bruce D. Strebinger

August 11, 2022

Bruce D Strebinger

The commercial and multifamily real estate sectors are doing quite well in 2022, and the same is true for industrial properties. While the commercial real estate development varies from asset class to asset class, strip malls in dense residential areas are doing well. In-person services are a critical component to strong performance, and more shopping centers may be filled with tenants outside the traditional retail categories. But the industrial sector is likely to experience a slowdown, and this will put a squeeze on the market.


Property development is one of the most profitable real estate development businesses. The business can be a lucrative one for those with the necessary skills and knowledge. Depending on the type of property, developers can anticipate trends and envision the best use of the properties. For example, they can sell or lease the property to a tenant, increasing its rental value. In addition, developers often earn money from residential rental properties. However, if you have special skills and know-how, you can consider a recycling business.


As more investors flock to multifamily real estate, the amount of apartment supply will continue to shrink, which will keep prices high. In addition, zoning restrictions will limit the number of new multifamily properties that can be built, driving up prices. According to Jim Costello, senior vice president of Real Capital Analytics, the industry will continue to grow in popularity. In recent years, apartment sales and rents have increased significantly, attracting investors from other real estate sectors.

There are several reasons why multifamily real estate development is a great business to be in now. The low cap rates are continuing to increase the amount of available capital, making it an ideal time to invest in multifamily properties. In addition, investors can profit from rising rental rates as a result of a growing population and a booming economy. At the GlobeSt. MULTIFAMILY conference, lending experts shared their predictions for the future. One executive from Meridian Capital Group pointed to Manhattan as a high-growth opportunity zone.


The market for industrial real estate is hotter than ever, and it is predicted that the demand for warehouse space will increase over the next five years. The growing economy and the expansion of e-commerce will drive the demand for warehouse space, while population migration will increase the need for “safety stock” onshore. The following are some reasons why industrial real estate development is a good business in 2022:

As the job market tightens, automation will continue to spread. The need for first-generation facilities will rise. The industrial sector is under increasing regulatory pressure for energy efficiency, transportation efficiency, and manufacturing emissions. These factors will affect warehousing and distribution centers. In addition, developers may choose to build with sustainable materials to reduce their environmental impact. These are just a few of the factors to consider as you plan your industrial real estate development for the next five years.

Rental properties

The housing market has seen a spike in prices over the last few years, but experts expect a gradual slowdown in 2022. This is partly due to the fact that home prices have already reached an all-time high—19.8% higher than a year ago. However, those in the development business can take advantage of this trend to branch out into other ventures. For example, a recycling business can be a good option for those who are familiar with the material.

The world’s investable real estate universe is set to grow significantly. The real estate business will thrive in fast-growing cities and countries where risk-taking is high. Besides, sustainable development and technological innovation will continue to drive the growth of the industry. This growth will open up a lot of opportunities for small-scale real estate businesses. In fact, the property industry has seen an unprecedented number of start-ups.